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Implementing the Sustainable Groundwater Management Act (SGMA)

Since passage of SGMA, SGA has been actively engaged in implementing its provisions and coordinating with other potential Groundwater Sustainability Agencies (GSA) within the North American Subbasin of the Sacramento Valley Groundwater Basin.

For implementation, SGA adopted an updated Groundwater Sustainability Plan in December 2014. Since SGMA was signed into law in September 2014, SGA was able to incorporate most of the groundwater management elements resulting from SGMA into the GMP update. Another significant implementation action was to submit a notice of intent to DWR to become the GSA for its management area in northern Sacramento County. Following a 90-day comment period, SGA was designated as the exclusive GSA for its management area in late January 2016.

For coordination, SGA convened a SGMA workshop for representatives in Placer, Sutter, and Sacramento counties on October 30, 2015. SGA coordinated with representatives throughout the North American Basin to ensure effective GSAs were formed covering the entire subbasin by June 30, 2017. Also under discussion is the possibility of preparing a single GSP for the North American Subbasin. The group will continue to meet on a quarterly basis or more frequently as necessary to maintain compliance with various SGMA requirement deadlines.

SGMA Participation

SGA has been an active participant in the SGMA process since legislation was initially proposed. Upon passage of SGMA, the SGA Executive Director was appointed to the DWR Practitioner Advisory Panel, which has provided input on the GSP Emergency Regulations development, the Basin Boundary Modifications process, and the report on surface water available for replenishment.

SGA staff has also participated on the Technical Advisory Group for developing a guidance framework for preventing undesirable results in groundwater-dependent ecosystems. SGA will also participate in the development of Best Management Practices under SGMA currently under development by DWR.