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The Regional Water Authority (RWA) is pleased to introduce, a new website for the Sacramento Regional Water Bank (Water Bank) designed to educate and engage the community about the solutions underway to address the challenges posed by climate change on our water system.

Climate Change and Water Management

As the impacts of climate change continue to shape our environment, the Sacramento region faces a unique challenge—the need to release water from Folsom Reservoir to prevent flooding, rather than storing it for drier periods. The Water Bank recognizes this dilemma and presents an adaptive solution.

Empowering Adaptation with the Water Bank

The Water Bank is a network of groundwater wells, pumps and pipelines that enable local water providers to withdraw and replenish underground water reserves.  It’s been estimated that the vacated space in our aquifers is approximately twice the volume of Folsom Reservoir.  For this reason, there is a tremendous opportunity to store large volumes of groundwater beneath our feet. By tapping into this hidden reservoir, we can counteract the impact of climate change on our water supplies and environment.

A Platform for Community Engagement serves as an information and engagement hub for the public to help shape how an enhanced Water Bank could operate in the Sacramento region.

Website Features

  • Climate Change: Dive into the threats that climate change poses to our water supplies and understand how the Water Bank can help mitigate these challenges.
  • Our Groundwater: Explore the hidden reservoir beneath our feet and learn how the Water Bank can enhance groundwater sustainability.
  • How it Works: Discover the intricate workings of the Water Bank, utilizing our natural infrastructure to store and retrieve water as needed.
  • Public Engagement: Engage with the Water Bank Program Team through stakeholder forums and stay informed about the ongoing efforts to shape and advance the Water Bank.
  • WaterFuture: Learn about the Sacramento region’s “supershed” approach to climate resiliency and the portfolio of projects aimed at addressing the climate change threats of flood, fire and drought.

Visit the new website at Explore its features, learn about the Water Bank and join us in shaping a more climate-resilient water future.

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