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Water Accounting Framework

The Water Accounting Framework (Framework) adopted by the SGA Board establishes policies and procedures to encourage and support conjunctive use operations within the SGA area.

The Framework was developed in three phases, in part due to the complexity of resolving the issue of establishing an equitable conjunctive use program with a variety of interested parties, and in part because of evolving conditions in the basin.

  • Phase I of the Framework was completed in July 2006, and involved developing a white paper to establish the purposes of a Framework and to identify the current conditions in the basin that would influence the development of the Framework.
  • Phase II was completed in April 2007, and included technical analysis and additional stakeholder outreach. Phase II resulted in identifying the primary elements of the Framework and recommended developing a Model Banking Program for SGA members interested in potential banking and exchange operations.
  • Phase III was completed in June 2010, and establishes a set of policies and procedures that will encourage and support conjunctive use operations within the SGA area of jurisdiction to facilitate the long-term sustainability of the underlying groundwater basin as source of public water supply.

The Framework recognizes investments by the SGA member agencies in the development of conjunctive use programs and supports groundwater banking programs that enhance the long-term sustainability of the groundwater basin.

With adoption of Phase III, the SGA Board established that the Framework is a living process and must include regular review to evaluate whether the Framework is accomplishing its intended objectives.

Download the July 2006 Framework White Paper (pdf)
Download the April 2007 Phase II Framework Document (pdf)
Download the June 2010 Phase III Framework Document (pdf)